Environmental Services Overview Company History Provided Services Clients, Past & Present


Environmental Review

Pre-Disturbance Assessments
o Lease and/or access road sample set and analysis
o Detailed sampling, soil description
o Vegetation Summary

Off-Lease Disposal Methods
o Landspraying While Drilling (LWD)
o Landspraying Disposal after Completion of Drilling
o Drill Solids Landspreading with Solid Spreader

On-Lease Disposal
o On-Lease Landspreading
o Residual Solids Disposal (also known as mix-bury-cover)

Acknowledgment of Reclamation
o Environmental Site Assessment
o Detailed Site Assessment

Lifetime Loading Limit Calculations

Lease Expansion Area Determination

Landowner Negotiations

Earthen Sump/Pit Sampling and Analysis

Environmental Programming

Co-ordination of Drilling Waste Streams to an Approved Waste Processing Facility (WPF)